Dentsu media organized the 5 shared professional units that function as middle office
and share specialized professional services within the network.
Our 3 media agency brands and 2 digital agency brands are established as front office
in order to maximize the network’s business opportunity.

5 Shared Professional Units


・Produce popular media contents of best quality in all the markets where the service is in operation while leveraging local resources of each region.

・Utilize media contents including entertainment & sports as effective communication platforms to reach consumers' hearts.


・Entertainment: Casting business, creating/growing talents and characters.

・Content: Content production/sales and Product Placement business.

・Sports marketing: Business related with content rights and marketing rights.


・Aim to accomplish clients' business objectives by leveraging all the resources of marketing intelligence as a true marketing partner.

・Develop and utilizes necessary data, databases, digital technologies, solutions, tools and platforms.


・Comprehensive marketing solution utilizing...

 - Big data Analysis including TV meta data analysis and EC data analysis

 - IT marketing solution including point program and producing e-commerce

 - Platform development including dashboard and mobile platform utilizing technologies such as Gimbal


・Under the rapid & drastic change in consumers' life environment, CDC assumes a leading role to design holistic communication environment surrounding consumers to help clients achieve their marketing goal.

・It also takes a thought leadership in development of digital IPs and other cutting-edge technology in order to solve clients' challenges.


・Design communication including development of core communication ideas, creative, business strategy and internal communication plan

・IP development which can give clients solutions.
(The IPs includes iButterfly, social marathon and click-ad among others.)


・Lead the digitalization of partners in the era of flattened media environment - no boundary between online and offline.

・Enhance market opportunities of digital communication in each region by customizing digital technology to meet preference/needs of local clients/consumers .


・Develop digital-related business with partners including marketers, platforms, content providers and media owners

・Connecting the digital divisions at each office under the network, collect/storage/analyze the latest trends/learning on expanding line-ups of digital-related services/technology, and customize them for sharing with network offices


・To expand and even create market of a specific product/service category (e.g. mobile carriers and tourism board) by designing communication with stakeholders


・Research & analysis for specific product/service categories

・Planning/implementing seminar/conferences to update & shares the latest marketing cases for specific product/service categories

・Producing collaboration/mash-up campaign ideas by preparing/launching partnership between different advertisers through communication technology

5 Agency Brands

  • On-point Strategies
  • Beyond Space
  • Change The Game

  • Digital Centric Agency
  • Widen the gap between
    digital leaders & followers