Innovative Solutions

Materialized by our own aggressive investment
in content, digital IP, databases, and planning tools,
and other communication platforms.

Content-driven Solution

Ideas and contents that move and engage our/ your audience.
Dentsu media, for example, is not only buying media spaces but also is working as a content right-holder.
We build multi-layered partnerships with media owners,
which can be leveraged to increase brand integration into jewel of content.
At Dentsu media, we offer variety of content-driven solutions
such as “Sports Content” “TV & Entertainment Contents” and “Talent Design”.

Sports Content

  • ・Marketing rights
  • ・Media Rights
  • ・Others

TV & Entertainment

  • ・Co-Produce Content
  • ・Program Format
  • ・Export / Import Content
  • ・Concerts & Events
  • ・Character Business

Talent Design

  • ・Talent Produce
  • ・Casting
  • ・Talent Management
  • ・Merchandising

Tech-driven Solution

Technology that leads us to new discoveries and engages our/your audiences.
Big data leads a big discovery.
Our business intelligence team has a power to bring insight to identify and solve challenges.
And, our proprietary solutions help to deliver the core idea and to engage the target audiences.

O2O / application

  • ・i Butterfly
  • ・Scan-it
  • ・Social Box
  • ・ClickAD
  • etc

Media Lab

  • ・Develop new media
  • ・Create new business
  • ・Find new opportunities


  • ・Bio-signal Marketing
  • ・Draffic