Holistic Communication Design

One-stop integrated services covering
holistic communication design and delivery.

Optimal Scenario Development

Cross media communication is our essential approach that applies in new lifestyle and consumption behavior.
The four key points to Cross media communications are:

  • Based on target insight and media insight
  • Taking into consideration both width (reach & frequency)
    and depth (degree of involvement).
  • Create a “scenario” for communication
  • That effectively combines multiple contact points.

Optimal scenario development is realized by
understanding effective contact points and purchase triggers of target consumers.

Consumers’ purchase behaviors are analyzed through our proprietary AISAS®
model, and Contact Point Management™ is used to define and manage effective contact Points.

Contact Point Understanding

A non-linear consumer
behaviour model

Contact Points’ potential
and relationships

Execution / Performance Review

Dentsu media has a marketing dashboard to monitor campaign results on a real-time basis.
It enables integrated and panoramic analysis, in a comprehensive manner,
of various data collected from POE media and the brand index.
We also can fine-tune campaign planning on real-time basis through this marketing dashboard.

Marketing ROI Solution

Dentsu’s Marketing ROI solution program is for implementing a highly efficient
marketing strategy through marketing ROI-related analytics including marketing mix modelling.
This in-depth analysis and insights from Marketing ROI solution
help develop not only communication and media strategy
but also upstream business strategies such as portfolio management,
new business development, and cross-market and cross-brand budget allocation.